Tabu Kiosk

Tabu Kiosk

Tabu Kiosk, for open spaces and/or in crowded environments where the publicity and promotion of company products are essential, is the electronic signboard kiosk solution that provides the opportunity to reach large audiences.

  • The media player can be played through video content,
  • Touch can be obtained through information on screens,
  • With an Internet connection, web access and remotely managed,
  • The alternative to a desired size and color can now offer more effective your ads.

Strong computer hardware, Full HD 1080p display and vertical
totem kiosks with high levels of quality are waiting for you.


  • Bank branches, Government agencies
  • Shops, Hotels, Hospitals
  • Malls, Airports, public public areas (advertising space)
  • Fairgrounds, Grocery, Hypermarket, Restaurants, Restaurants, Bakeries, Cafes and Auto Galleries.