About us

Who We Are

QMAGIC is a brand of CEO Technology / Engineering company.
Company has many queue systems, feedback systems, hospital flow systems and various installations in GCC region including ministries, hospitals, banks etc.
With our name over 35 years of experience and customer based solutions, we are looking to future with more confidence and honor.


References over 33 countries with queue systems, customer feedback devices and interactive kiosks

Queue Management Systems

Over 7500 applications in 30+ countries including all GCC , Dubai, Doha etc.

Patient Flow Systems

Qmagic’pro is the Main Queue System software. Supports central management, voice announcement, reporting, templates and other features.

Info Kiosks

Q’Pay is the next generation of paying device. It combines excess baggage paying and online survey at once.

Big Data

QMAGIC’s new field is Big Data / Business Intelligence and AI Solutions. Check them out.

Our Features


Providing qualified and valued products.


Professional and on-time after-sale services.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction by keeping order in the waiting areas

Customer Support

On-Site and online support for all partners

Direct Sale Prices

Competitive prices as being 1st step manufacturer, not a reseller.


Real time reports for better planning as integrated

Time-saving tools giving Managers better control
Contact to all Clients Located on different Areas
Real time monitoring of branches